Welcome to Lyfe Gardens.
 Lyfe Gardens LLC. focuses on raising all-natural, fresh, locally grown vegetables. We are dedicated to providing the greater La Crosse community with high quality, healthy produce grown through a self-sustainable agricultural process crossed with aquaculture called “aquaponics.” Multiple types of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and Tilapia (fish) are raised and marketed all year long within Lyfe Garden's 6,000 square foot greenhouse located in Bangor, Wisconsin.

Lyfe Gardens LLC, is owned operated by Michelle and Steve Glandt and family. Lyfe Gardens combines our family’s passion for wholesome foods with agricultural experience, entrepreneurial spirit and a propensity for hard work to grow healthy, local food year-round.

We recognize the importance of eating great tasting, fresh, all-natural food and the customer having the confidence that this is in fact what they are buying. We encourage you to come to our gardens, take a tour Tour Schedule to see how your food is grown and meet the farmers who grow it.

We need healthy food. 

We need to grow it in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. 

We need it fresh and local. 

We need to get it from growers we know. 

Our mission at Lyfe Gardens is to meet these needs. 

We invite you to join us and to Love Your Food Everyone!